Some Miscellaneous

That it's fair - it's has to be -  
how our hands hurt us, then give us

the world. How can you love the world
until there's nothing left to love

but yourself.

- Ocean Vuong
"Tell Me Something Good"


  • our masks
    All of us, more or less, wear masks. Not just the face masks that we’re obliged to wear during a global pandemic, but rather the masks of our being. Because without these masks we can’t survive inĐọc tiếp “our masks”
  • forever.
    love isthe fuel that allows us to go on loving,a graceful lover,the starry sky on the darkness nights,the fresh breeze caressing your skin,the warm sun ray on a summer morning. when we were in love,we projected ourĐọc tiếp “forever.”
  • Love Your Writer’s Block
    The writer’s block is like unpredictable weather, or extreme mood swings. Sometimes the vocabulary and feelings needed filled the system that was me, like a barn full of livestock. When I seek to put my thoughts andĐọc tiếp “Love Your Writer’s Block”
  • beautiful darkness.
    there are days when things hit hard, when all the pain pour out, and the flickering stars in my galaxy disappear. beautiful darkness. there are days when the waves in my quite sea rise to sink theĐọc tiếp “beautiful darkness.”
  • A Summer at Home
    It’s weird now that I realize there’s an awful lot of songs referred to being 17. It seems like all the songwriters out there are obsessed with seventeen-year-old, or the idea of being 17. I cannot understandĐọc tiếp “A Summer at Home”
  • is my happiness a burden to you?
    mother, is my happiness a burden to you? all those dreams, all the hopes. if I muster up the courage to tell you “I will go”, will you wish I didn’t say these three words to you?Đọc tiếp “is my happiness a burden to you?”