our masks

All of us, more or less, wear masks. Not just the face masks that we’re obliged to wear during a global pandemic, but rather the masks of our being. Because without these masks we can’t survive in this violent world. That is one thing that I can say with certainty in this uncertain world.

What lies behind others’ masks, have you ever wondered? A new persona, a new identity and personality, a whole new being? We may not see the many faces of humanity, the masks and the real faces. Beneath an evil mask lies the graceful face of an angel, and vice versa. It’s impossible to have just one or the other. That’s who we are, and you can do nothing about it.

For some people, the mask might become so tightly stuck that they can’t remove it. To the point when it becomes a part of themselves, a fraction of their being. People will judge them based on those masks, will decide whether they are good or evil without ever bothering to find the real faces. But even if a mask gets stuck and can’t be removed, the real face remains. Forever. Though no one can ever see it.


  1. Sometimes, we need humor. While growing up, humor was a way of making the “serious”, that wasn’t really that serious, less serious, or seen in it’s true light, perhaps not serious at all. So here goes: How many propagandized mask wearers does it take to make an informed decision? Nobody knows. If you laughed, you got it. If you didn’t, okay. If you’re angry, there’s your problem, and the puppet masters are laughing at you’re inability to think for yourselves.

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