parallel planets

I didn’t mean to fall in love. I kept saying this to myself, over and over again. That I shouldn’t fall in love. Not this soon, not after I was eventually able to move on from a long-lasting unrequited love. This should be the time I spend taking care of myself, and cherishing myself afterĐọc tiếp “parallel planets”

our time

We live on the future: “tomorrow”, “later on”, “when you have made your way”, “you will understand when you are old enough.”, stuff like that. There are times when something that was once future turn into present, and then past in an instant. But sure there are times when we feel we have every timeĐọc tiếp “our time”

our masks

All of us, more or less, wear masks. Not just the face masks that we’re obliged to wear during a global pandemic, but rather the masks of our being. Because without these masks we can’t survive in this violent world. That is one thing that I can say with certainty in this uncertain world. WhatĐọc tiếp “our masks”


love isthe fuel that allows us to go on loving,a graceful lover,the starry sky on the darkness nights,the fresh breeze caressing your skin,the warm sun ray on a summer morning. when we were in love,we projected our dreams on the waves,promised to the breeze.and my heart ached here,on this tiny, solitary island in the oceanĐọc tiếp “forever.”

Love Your Writer’s Block

The writer’s block is like unpredictable weather, or extreme mood swings. Sometimes the vocabulary and feelings needed filled the system that was me, like a barn full of livestock. When I seek to put my thoughts and feelings into words, those animals begin to mill about, and the system crashes. At times I would stareĐọc tiếp “Love Your Writer’s Block”

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