love is
the fuel that allows us to go on loving,
a graceful lover,
the starry sky on the darkness nights,
the fresh breeze caressing your skin,
the warm sun ray on a summer morning.

when we were in love,
we projected our dreams on the waves,
promised to the breeze.
and my heart ached here,
on this tiny, solitary island in the ocean current.

even if love fades away,
even if it’s unrequited,
you still have the memories,
the feelings,
the wildflowers of emotions,
and the trees of hope.

“i will love you forever”,
you said.
but little do you know
forever, needless to say, is a very long time.

beautiful darkness.

there are days

when things hit hard,

when all the pain pour out,

and the flickering stars in my galaxy


beautiful darkness.

there are days

when the waves in my quite sea rise

to sink the ship of my light,

my hope,

my euphoria.

when everything


the moment i wake up.

beautiful darkness.

there are days

when i realize

“you may be broken and unhinged

like a flickering star in a dying universe,

gasping to live

but so are shooting stars and comets.”


because starlight shines brighter on the darkest nights.

beautiful darkness.